The Other Abu Zubaydah

When you think of the name Abu Zubaydah what comes to mind? For some it is who is that? But for others the name is a dark name. It is of a man who is locked up in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Whose crimes are unspeakable? But what if I tell you that not all Abu Zubaydah's are created equally? Would you believe me? Let me introduce us to you. I am Jody, I was born in Portland Oregon in 1978 and I am a Abu Zubaydah. The man that most people associate with my last name is my brother in law. Yes I married his brother. But before you get all suspicious why don't you meet my husband, I call him Sam,  his real name is Hesham Mohammed Hussein Abu Zubaydah. He came here in 1998 to pursue a dream, a simple dream. To finally be free. Living under Sharia Law in Saudi Arabia as a second class citizen can make any sane person flee in hopes of freedom and belonging somewhere.​

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